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Our new online store is currently undergoing major development as we are carefully evaluating a variety of premier products and services to showcase in the near future.

We are confident you will enjoy what is coming as we strive to create for you a wonderful online shopping experience.

We at the Chris Jacobs Shopping Mall offer our members top quality products directly from top manufacturers. We cater to people tired of buying junk online and to those who when they do find quality products, find themselves paying high prices created by merchant middlemen.

There is good reason why many of the goods found online today are offered at very cheap prices.  Quality has greatly diminished and there are also many “knock off” products.  These inferior products do not last long since they are substandard in both material and craftsmanship.  Since all the products on the Chris Jacobs Shopping Mall come straight from manufacturers who must meet rigid Chris Jacobs standards, you can always count on getting top quality for your money.

About Membership

With each purchase you make in the Chris Jacobs Shopping Mall, you will earn “lifetime” membership points that can be applied to future purchases. In short, points in the Chris Jacobs Shopping Mall are like money. For each item you purchase in our online store, you will earn back 3% in membership points.

You can use your memberships points to:

• Cover tuition in current or upcoming educational programs with Chris Jacobs Beauty

• Purchase products from our Consumer Line



For all purchases over $100,
we offer free shipping.


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